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Freshman is the one men’s wellness brand that provides men ages 25-45, who care about how they look and feel, with medically proven and affordable products, without the hassle of seeing a doctor. Unlike other online chemists or health clinics, Freshman combines a seamless online user experience with a light-hearted tone to make getting treatments simple, affordable and judgment-free. We help our customer be his best self.

We want to create an experience, tone and brand that normalize both seeking information about men\s health issues and proactively doing something about them. Information should be presented in a digestible, friendly and trustworthy manner. We want to relax our users using fun, eye-catching design and subtle humor. We want to invite men to engage, learn more and be proactive about taking care of themselves.

The logo has been designed to appeal to a young, modern, metropolitan male. The lowercase text and absence of an icon reflect our brand strategy of being honest and direct with our customers. The design is intentionally different from traditional chemists and health clinics. As such, it is important that designers do not attempt to construct the Freshman logo themselves, as the typography in the logo has been constructed specifically for the purposes of our brand.



We want to create a clean, premium and highly distinguishable visual identity, that should mirror our business positioning and appeal to a male target market. A pleasant mix of light pastel colors and deep cold tones creates a sense of security.